28.03.‘20 New House Design Review service

28 March 2020

With Covid, We've all spent more time in our homes than ever before.

If you've been getting the feeling there's something wrong with the layout, or maybe you dont have access to an architect and have a plan for your new house that you feel could be improved.

Well we're here to help, Architect, Brian O Brien who recently wrote a series of articles about getting more out of our homes during lockdown here, offers a new house layout/ plan review service.

The goal is to find the one or two design moves that can unlock the flow of your house and make it more usable and delightful to live in.

Whether it's changing one wall, creating some new windows, joining two spaces or some other unexpected solution, we're sure we will find an easy way to improve the house or plan..

Simple design moves can make a house seem more spacious, improve it's flow and useability, achieve a better connection to the garden or maybe catch more of the the view. You'll be amazed at the improvements that are possible..

And all in a simple affordable streamlined service done online in an hour or two.

Get in touch at info@solearth.com